Membership Oath

As a Member Translation Company,

  1. I will abide by the spirit and substance of the laws and regulations of my country as well as the rules of my work and profession in all activities and transactions I carry out in person on behalf of my company, and I will require my staff to demonstrate the same commitment and compliance in their activities and translations they carry out on behalf of my company;

  2. I will be honest to my competitors, my customers, society and everyone with whom I have a business or professional relationship and I will respect and adopt the honor and esteem of all jobs and professions;

  3. I will make sure due care is taken to protect and develop the Turkish language in all aspects and activities of my company;

  4. I will leverage my job and profession to serve the public;

  5. I will exalt my job and profession and I will make every effort to establish and enforce the highest standards of business and professional ethics;

  6. I will comply with the principles of integrity in the public promotion and advertisements of my company's products and services and I will take any measures necessary to ensure those involved in these activities act in compliance with the same principles of integrity;

  7. I will strive to make every effort to make my company productive and profitable, and I will watch for and make use of opportunities which will develop my knowledge and attitude to increase my company's profitability and productivity;

  8. I will always treat my company staff fairly and I will create an environment where they will work under better conditions and I will help them to improve their knowledge, attitudes, productivity and their resulting earnings;

  9. I will at all times maintain righteousness while in commercial competition with my competitors, I will never commit any act which might be regarded as unfair competition or which might result in such, and I will take every measure necessary to ensure my employees do not commit any such acts either;

  10. I will maintain friendly relations with fellow Member translation companies who are also my competitors;

  11. I will not interview any employee working at a Member Company of the Association of Translation Companies with the view of employing them in my company nor I will offer them employment. I will conduct job interviews with any employee only after they resign from a Member Company only after obtaining the consent of the relevant company and I will take any measure necessary to have my employees fully comply with these principles;

  12. I will not disclose any information and secrets I have obtained about any of my customers as part of my company's operations without their permission, even if my business relationship is terminated. I will ensure my staff obey this rule of secrecy and I will dismiss those acting to the contrary as well further warn other Member Companies of these persons;

  13. I will not speak against or comment negatively about the professional competence of a Member Company of the Association of Translation Companies. I will not make any unfair criticism or comment about work carried out and delivered by another Member Company if I am requested to provide comments and I will never breach the principle of impartiality and integrity in my comments;

  14. I will fully comply with the decision to be adopted by the Arbitration Committee which to be established by the Association of Translation Companies in case of any disputes that may arise between customers or members;

I hereby declare and commit to this Membership Oath on behalf of the translation company I duly represent.